Don’t just let your customers walk-in, let them feel welcomed.

Retail is no longer a merchant-customer game. Penetration of technology and giant global players into retail widened the arena. With commodities of all kinds just a click away, the retail business is now a war of its own, albeit it’s played on digital platforms.
Data Security for Retail Businesses
Retail businesses today are heavily reliant on e-commerce. Assuring data security is a straightforward way to attract customer attention amidst the stiff competition. With the dependence on private clouds and digital payments, online stores deserve unparalleled data security.
Mobile Application Design for Retail
Mobile apps are a way to capture the pulse of shoppers. Loyalty programs, reward points, coupons and cashback, brand loyalty, and customer retention are a few of the feast of benefits mobile apps impart to retailers.
IOT-driven Retail
Transform your eCommerce store into a smarter one with IoT. Whether you intend to deploy warehouse robots, offer personalized marketing, track shipment services, manage inventory and stay updated on the real-time condition of goods, IoT for retail makes them all possible.
Driving Retail through AI
Digital-age customers anticipate intelligent services. AI empowers retailers to design e-stores with adaptive home pages, interactive chats, and more. In a way, all more personalized - how you intend your customer to connect with your brand.

The retail revolution beyond exponential

Consumer technology adoption accelerated the digital transformation of retail businesses. Hitachi Solutions finds that competitive retailers embrace AI while their counterparts risk losing an insurmountable share. According to Boston Consulting Group, the global robotics market could reach $87 billion by 2025 — more than half is likely to go to the retail market. The Economist survey finds that half of Fortune 3000 companies are modernizing best-of-breed online platforms to create personalized digital experiences. The growth in retail would be farther than exponential. For instance, the Indian retail market has the potential to reach approximately $2 tn by 2032 from 690 $ Bn in 2021. Likewise, according to Statista, the total retail sales in the United States were projected to amount to 7.9 trillion U.S. dollars in 2026, an uptick from 6.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2021.

Smart Retail Technology Capabilities

As conscious consumers continue to define retail habits, digital transformation in retail is imminent. Retail technology spans its wings from packaging to inventory management to customer tracking and trend prediction. For any individual associated with retail, consumer or owner, employee or partner, retail technology is a part of their life. In a gist, technology will be a core driver of next-generation retail growth.

Inventory Tracking

Cost and space savings, customer and supplier satisfaction – inventory technology helps retailers realize such business goals efficiently. Procal experts have enabled global retailers to overcome their scaling issues, multi-location logistics, and challenges due to disparate systems through their AI and Big-Data Analytics capabilities.

Indoor Positioning

Deployed earlier in airports to assist travelers, Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) are stepping into retail. Thanks to IPS, customers can access a map that helps them locate their in-store position and the requisite shopping items. In other words, targeted suggestions, tracking customer traffic, and item tracking get effortless with Indoor positioning in retail.


Gone is the era where retail teams faced data silos due to disparate sources, incoherent inter-team data flow, and the inability to realize the true potential of consumer data. Procal assisted retailers with AI and data analytics and helped increase their customer lifetime value, deliver personalized experiences and extract the hidden value in the consumer data to skyrocket business revenue.

Omnichannel integration

Consumers can connect with a retail business via diverse touch points. Omnichannel integration allows retailers to deliver a distinctive, consistent customer experience across channels. At Procal, we believe that gaining trust from online consumers becomes effortless when we leverage retail technology to break the legacy that hinders the ability of retailers to provide a captivating consumer experience through omnichannel integration.

Supply Chain

Leveraging retail technology to solve supply chain congestion helps cost optimization, revenue growth, and time-to-value reduction for retailers. Procal is a trusted partner in driving agile, productive, and scalable retail experiences for global retailers.

Voice commerce

Voice-assisted technology in retail is slowly but steadily rising. Though retailers are capitalizing the voice search, leveraging the trend is still in its infancy. With experts foreseeing the pervasion of smartphones and the new-gen consumers of various age groups relying on voice search, Procal opines that voice commerce is all set to transform the future of retail. 

Store operations

Retail technology assists brick-and-mortar stores rejig customer experiences. While features such as self-checkout leave sales experts to guide consumers better, retail automation transforms buyer experience through online orders, pick-up in-store (BOPIS) process, faster delivery, and order tracking and helps retailers from customer disappointments due to stockouts.

Customer Service

For retailers, prospect conversion, customer retention, and loyalty are more than challenging amidst the competitive landscape. Fortunately, here come AI and Data Analytics to the rescue. Retailers can impress their customers through In-store interactive kiosks, intelligent point-of-sale terminals, signature-capture technology, and AI-driven immersive experiences – to name a few.

Augmented shopping

Augmented reality in retail helps make the impossible possible. From enabling customers to try their whole new wardrobe through superimposition to offering personalized suggestions for matching accessories, AR in retail is drastically transforming the shopping experience.

Facial recognition

Say Cheese! Retail AI Bots are validating your authentication! With facial recognition technology, identity theft in retail will be a thing of the past. Facial recognition bots empower customer service teams to offer personalized recommendations deciphering customer emotions. The next-gen customer service is knocking, are you prepared?

Internet of Things

In-store app notifications, RFID tags, and targeted content based on location – are some of the far-ranging possibilities with IoT in retail. Procal believes IoT holds immense potential to alter consumer experience by improving accuracy and speed in their buying journey.

Robotic retail assistants

The sci-fi imagination of humanoids helping humans in shopping is now a reality. Robotics in retail is not just confined to assisting customers in the store but also can handle operations including stock verification, error identification, locating misplaced items, order fulfillment, and more. Did we miss drones? No, we won’t. How could we, when we are experts in designing AI-driven retail software?