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Products build using the latest cutting-edge technologies which are highly adaptive based on practice to keep the products simple to use. Therefore changing the way Tech Industries Test and Work with their products globally with our industry-specific products.


Snap enables accelerated deployment with seamless testing. Our clean 4G, 5G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi environment lets you know when any component of the system degrades or breaks.


Xspeed is an iOS application for customized speed tests for consumer and business cases. Xspeed performs a speed test using 50 internal servers and 70+ external Ookla speed test servers. 


Mobile First

The Mobile First application provides an improved and optimized digital experience to our client customers on their smartphone devices. The application intends to make the user experience. 

Money Out

Money Out is a powerful, user-friendly app that helps users withdraw money from and manage their past transaction history for their 401(k) accounts.


The Analytics solution was custom-built for Telco to measure and track visitors across digital assets such as consumer-facing websites as well as self-service mobile apps on iOS and Android.

Social Care

Another solution custom-built for Telco, the Social Care tool enables the customer service team to listen and respond to social conversations in real-time. 

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