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Welcome to the age of the Internet of Things – a world where everything is connected and everyone is empowered. From homes to industries to businesses, IoT has transformed every aspect of our lives, making it smarter and more efficient than ever. At Procal, we believe that the true potential of IoT is yet to be realized, and we’re here to help businesses unlock its full power and pave the way for a better, brighter future.

Unlock the full potential of IoT and revolutionize your business with Procal's expert solutions. As a leader in technology innovation, we partner with enterprises to provide cutting-edge IoT-enabled solutions that are powered by the latest technologies such as cloud computing, edge computing, and blockchain. Our aim is to streamline your business processes and create a smart connectivity strategy across all areas of your enterprise, from manufacturing and operations to products and services. With our network of global suppliers and providers, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions that will give you the ultimate competitive edge. Let Procal help you navigate the complexities of IoT and unleash the power of technology for your enterprise.

Asset Discovery and Tracking

At Procal, we understand the importance of complete network visibility in transforming the way we approach security. Our cutting-edge asset discovery technology provides unparalleled visibility into all network devices, whether managed, unmanaged, or IoT.

Threat Detection

At Procal, we understand the complexities of modern cybersecurity, which is why we've developed a unique threat intelligence framework. With our two-pronged approach, we detect and mitigate threats with unparalleled precision, giving you peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Law and Enforcement

Our cutting-edge threat intelligence framework takes a two-pronged approach to detecting and mitigating threats, providing you with unparalleled peace of mind. Trust in Procal's expertise to safeguard your business and enjoy the benefits of a secure, stress-free future.

Infrastructure Management

IoT devices offer efficient asset management across all aspects using advanced tools, sensors and networks converged into one platform. It is shared with all the departments and enables teams to utilize the data generated from it in smarter decision-making.

Things Board
AWS IoT Core
Azure data lake
Amazon DynamoDB

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With Procal, have a high-quality service for all your IoT-related requirements.

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Procal's team members possess a high yet deep level of expertise in their respective domains.

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