Key Features

Real Device
Snap Automation does not use simulators or emulators. Only real devices with real conditions.
Customize your Test Environment
Snap automation lets you customize your testing needs on various mobile device models and OS in our data center.
Optimized for CI/CD
Our Continuous integration environment helps avoid system downtime and reduces human errors greatly.
Generate and share immediate results
You can download a copy of test results or generate reports at ease

Bridge the gap between the quality your customers demand and your mobile application lifecycle with Snap automation. Snap provides a seamless testing solution for your products to work under any circumstances.

Pricing Plans


One User
Check out up to 5 devices simultaneously
Over 10 different device Offerings
Robust Support


One to 1,000+ users
Administrator oversight
Fine-grained access control
Integrated into your Organizations SSO
Customer Success Manager
Dedicated technical Engineering Support
All Features and Settings customizable
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Know More

Snap Box
Designed for "Enterprises" who have their own labs across the world
Snap Cloud
Designed for Small to medium-sized businesses that require ad-hoc testing

Problems Solved

Testing Product Built For 5G
No third party Labs needed
Have your Own testing Environment
Can have a complete control over Test being conducted