Comcast Cable Corporation


Media & Communications


Philadelphia, PA



Covid19 impacted retail store closures and appointments, resulting in the inability for clients to book or cancel customer appointments in real-time. We responded by transitioning from Onprem (Informatica PowerCenter/Teradata DWH) to AWS and utilizing services such as API Gateway, Kinesis, SQS, etc. to pull data in real-time.

Challenges Faced:

We were getting data in batch processing affecting the reporting to do analysis with day-1 data.

We were not able to book the customer appointments or cancel them in real-time.

Solution Proposed:

From Onprem (Informatica PowerCenter / Teradata DWH), we moved into AWS, where we pulled the data in real-time. We used services like (API Gateway, Kinesis, SQS, SNS, and Redshift).

Results Achieved:

Whenever the store was closed, we could rebook the appointments within less than 15 minutes. We were also able to get the data of store traffic in real-time .