Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies are going to shape the most successful businesses of tomorrow. The question is, which technologies will deliver the most value?.

Emerging technologies—AI, blockchain, and quantum computing among them—are poised to transform the way we work and live.

Procal works with a wide variety of clients to help them understand and seize opportunities in the emerging technologies that will transform business in the next five to ten years.

The buzzwords of reality – AR, VR, MR, and XR - end up, in a way, bending it. The concept of AR/VR lies in blurring the lines of interaction between the physical world and a digitally created one to create immersive experiences. As the capabilities have increased, the definitions have become broader.

Metaverse has been described as a virtual space over the Interne Procal is well-placed to meet the demands of clients who want to make their mark in the metaverse. We have developed capabilities in metaverse applications, metaverse games, and NFT marketplaces.

Web 3.0 will see true ubiquitous connectedness. The future of the web is decentralized and focused on the individual. Web 3.0 will have far-reaching consequences, and it calls for software companies with the right credentials like Procal to navigate the path forward.

Procal’s data science solutions harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), making use of data stored in data lakes, to help organizations turn data into actionable insights for better business.

Procal can implement blockchain applications across facets of your business from concept to deployment. The adoption of blockchain will usher in a new era of transparency and security thanks to a shared, transparent and immutable ledger.

With every device and every access becoming a potential vulnerability, security protocols need to be vast in scope and granular in implementation. Procal’s cybersecurity solutions work towards data protection and access management and risk mitigation to prevent security breaches so businesses can operate securely, without disruption.

RPA processes use AI, ML, MR (machine reading) and OCR, speech recognition, NLP (natural language processing), and more, along with programmable logic, to increase efficiency and speed and reduce costs. This also frees up human intelligence for higher-level tasks. At Procal, we study existing processes and assess the needs of organizations to design and implement powerful automation solutions.

The aviation industry works on precision. The software solutions in the industry need to work seamlessly and with near-zero errors to make aviation safe. At Procal, we understand the mission-criticality of our aviation solutions, and work to integrating every component to work in tandem; for example, airport IT infrastructure and aviation information management.

Procal’s healthcare solutions can help organizations leverage technologies that include Automation, AI, Analytics, and digital experience to propel them into the future of healthcare including telehealth for on-demand remote critical care, Data Analytics/AI and ML for predictive analysis and disease preventions.

Procal’s expertise in Agile system engineering, AI and Big Data analysis, IoT, and mobile applications ensures that retailers get full-service integrated solutions that solve problems with innovative thinking and perfect-fit tech products.

Quantum computing is the future of data processing. A field so new that it has yet to reach the commercialization stage, quantum computing is a wide open field and early adopters are poised to benefit from the leap that it will bring. Procal is an early mover in this space and looks forward to transcendental changes in the field of computing.

Synthetic Biology is an emerging, trans-disciplinary field that could be capable of delivering new solutions to global healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and environmental challenges. Procal is focusing on this emerging sector and works with players who are at the forefront of innovation in this field.

Advanced robotics is set to transform many fields from industrial operations to drones to nanotechnology. And the software to run these new technologies is becoming as a vast a space. advanced robots bring superior perception, integrability, adaptability, and mobility to the table and can be used to de-risk humans in hazardous circumstances as well as take over repetitive, programmable tasks.

Batteries have become sleek and incredibly powerful for their size. However, advances in battery tech have been accompanied by increasing demands – in durability, portability, and more recently, sustainability. Procal has the capability to handle software for the entire battery lifecycle, from simulation before production to battery management to maximize power and durability.

Welcome to the future of mobile optimization with Procal. Our Mobile First application provides clients with a stunning and intuitive digital experience that's optimized for smartphone devices. Featuring elegant page animations and personalized touches, our cutting-edge application is designed to revolutionize the way users interact with digital content. And with our powerful server framework, standard code across MFSS applications ensures seamless integration and unmatched performance.

Helping our clients have competitive advantage not just with these thirteen highly disruptive technologies but also many more fast-evolving fields like Artificial Intelligence, IOT etc.

The deep tech ecosystem is evolving rapidly, and companies must act decisively once breakthrough technologies become available. We at Procal are constantly looking for the latest technological developments in the deep technology ecosystem. We have exclusive strategic partnerships and Through these networks, Procal and our clients gain early access to emerging technologies and to a network of many deep-tech startups.

Discovering Coaction between emerging technologies can drive a company into a better section of digital leaders. The key is to think of where the technology intersects. Research states that quantum tunneling combined with IoT can decrease the manufacturing complexity by a factor of 10 and increase data flow by a factor of 1,000.

The answers to deeply complex questions are often hidden in the “in-between” areas. We work closely with clients to achieve technological breakthroughs in previously unsolvable challenges. Procal’s creative model allows teams to generate a large number of ideas to solve unmet needs along with testing these ideas with real users.