Data Science

Data science

Reap the ripe benefits from the technology that consumes raw.

In a world that constantly produces quintillions of data every day, the world is one big data problem. Data science comes to the rescue in this context. The cutting-edge technology evolved from the amalgamation of statistics, mathematics, and programming language – Data Science will continue to be the backbone of innovations in the digital era.
Business Intelligence & Strategy-Making
Businesses benefit immensely from this booming Data Science specialization for its critical role in identifying revenue loss areas and uncovering revenue opportunities. Business intelligence software is, hence, one of the indispensable modern-tech tools businesses require to analyze complex data sets to make informed business decisions.
Data Mining and Statistical Analysis
The machine brain behind predicting the loan repayment to the optimal arrangement of products in a supermarket is this Data Science specialization– Data Mining and Statistical Analysis. Data analysts extract meaningful information from the collected data using various statistical techniques and data mining approaches.
Data Visualization
Data Visualization is the intricate art of giving shape to the zillions of bytes of data flowing into an organization. The specialists in this domain implement visualization tools to identify trend and competitor analysis, outliers, and data patterns using data visualization techniques.
data warehousing
Data Engineering and Data Warehousing
Data engineers use various Data Engineering techniques to extract the hidden wealth in the data lake. Similarly, Data warehousing is the heart of data management to let data flow across the organizations on a regular cadence.
Market Data Analytics
Dedicated to catering to the marketers' needs, Data Analytics in Marketing helps save marketing expenditure and utilize the marketing budget for an optimal return on investment. No wonder the demand for marketing data analytics experts is rising in this customer-first era.
Database Management and Data Architecture
Data analysis and handling demands expert intervention, time, resources, and investment. Subsequently, organizations must implement Database Management and Architecture to ensure promising returns on the investment in data analytics.
Operations-Related Data Analytics
Data analytics plays a significant role in finetuning end-to-end operations in an organization. Operational data analytics tools help improve the productivity and accuracy of Logistics, HR, Finance, and Technology teams.
Machine Learning and Cognitive Analytics
Considered the most advanced Data Science specialization, Machine Learning and Cognitive Analytics help develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solutions. Experts in this field build algorithms and models of advanced complexity using AI tools and statistical techniques.

Big Data Growth: The Bigger Picture

In this digital-first world, businesses experience a massive influx of structured and unstructured data through various channels – IoT, multimedia, social media, and customer interactions at diverse touch points. The rising adoption of cloud-based solutions and penetration of Data Science applications is further boosting this data traffic. Markets and Markets studies find that almost 90% of the existing data was generated in the past two years alone. On the other hand, machine data is growing at a whopping 50 times faster than expected rate. Accordingly, the demand for Big Data experts is on the rise. The market for Data Science is estimated to reach 322.9 USD billion in 2026 from 95.3 billion in 2021 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 27.7% during the forecast period.

Data Science Applications

Data is at the core of every modern organization. To be precise, data is the fuelling the business functionalities. As businesses realize the potential of Big Data, the trend of data-driven decision-making at every step of business – decision-making, product design, marketing, customer journey, innovation, and research – is thriving.

Medical & Healthcare

The human body generates 2 terabytes per day, making healthcare one of the primary use cases of Data Science. Owing to Data science, medical care providers can make better decisions in patient healthcare while researchers can invent preventative, early diagnosis, and treatment methods.

Fraud and Risk Detection

The Banking and Finance sector is one of the biggest benefactors from this Data Science capability. Data Science plays a crucial role in fraud detection and prevention. Artificial Intelligence techniques such as Data Mining help classify, cluster, and segment data and identify fraud using pre-set rules and patterns.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Shipping, logistics, and supply chain industries would deliver revolutionized customer experience through Data Science capabilities. Logistics businesses can deliver more by pivoting their existing logistics operations with the power of Data science. Shift optimization, strategic placement, delivery of goods, evaluating the optimal routes, etc. are some of the few breathtaking possibilities with data science in logistics and shipping.


Customer decision-making might be hard to predict but not anymore with Data Analytics. By leveraging the power of Data analytics, automotive companies can improve their predictions about customer purchase preferences. The data set comprising past vehicle purchases, online behavior, and demographics are goldmines for the automotive industry.

Food industry

The food and beverage industry has immense untapped potential from Data analytics. From predicting customer preferences to suggesting optimal conditions for food shelf life and delivery to quality control and advertising, the experts at Procal strongly believe that a whole new way of experience in the food industry driven by Data Science capabilities is fast approaching.


Data science has immense potential to level up nanotechnology investigations. It helps researchers in AI-modelling of drug compounds and nano-structured delivery systems to study and formulate effective drugs for life-threatening conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and more.

Data Journalism

One of the unexplored capabilities of Data Science lies in its implementation in journalism. Big data can improve the quality and ethical standards of media and journalism. The technology empowers news personnel to accurately gauge public opinion from digital sources, filter the authentic data, and deliver bias-free news. Financial management, report writing, and piece writing are other areas that would benefit from Big Data in Journalism.


With personalized learning becoming the new normal in EdTech, Data science-driven learning technology will offer a more engaging learner experience. Academic experts can gather student interests, learning history, and cognitive abilities and create effective assessments and learning modules that match the student’s cognitive pace. EdTech brands can effectively capture their brand penetration, measure, monitor, and revamp their branding and marketing strategies by leveraging Data Analytics.


Procal Data Analytics experts helped its clients reduce construction and modeling costs through data modeling and predictions. Furthermore, architects and civil experts opine that Data science helps in every stage of construction from planning to budgeting to design, construction, and operations and maintenance.


Get ready to experience a more custom-made entertainment experience, thanks to Data Science in the entertainment industry. Brands can attract more customer loyalty, deliver enhanced customer experience, offer personalized content, optimize media streaming and reduce customer churn by incorporating Data analytics capabilities.

Gaming and Augmented Reality

Gamers are just experiencing the infancy of the possibilities of Data Science in the gaming industry. Procal experts have helped its clients design next-level gaming solutions driven by Data Science and AI. Augmented Reality is another data science application ready to transform the future of consumer experience, entertainment, travel, and more.

Image and Voice Recognition

Though smart devices are slowly becoming a part of our lifestyle, the next generations will witness an elevated audio and video recognition experience, all kudos to Data Science. Procal has many success stories where it potentially brought down the inaccuracies in image and voice recognition and delivered the most accurate Data powered solutions to customers.