Advanced Robotics

Advanced Robotics

Reimagine the future with artificial intelligence

At Procal, we’re at the forefront of the revolutionary advancements in robotics. Our commitment to innovation is what sets us apart and allows us to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving landscape. With advanced robotics at the core of our solutions, we empower businesses to keep pace with shifting consumer preferences, social trends, and technological innovations. Experience a new level of efficiency and convenience as we lead the way towards the next frontier of robotics

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)
At Procal, we're paving the way to the future with our autonomous mobile robots. Equipped with advanced sensors and cameras, these innovative solutions make informed decisions on the go, freeing up time for higher-value tasks by automating mundane ones.
Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)
Procal’s Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) offer a sleek and innovative solution for massive workspaces such as warehouses and factories. With AGVs, operators can say goodbye to manual oversight and tedious tasks focus on faster, more precise, and cost-effective inventory management, delivery, and movement.
More popularly identified as human-like robots, the humanoids help humans accomplish space exploration, personal caregiving, entertainment, education, retail, and hospitality with greater accuracy and minimal risks.
Where precision matters, cobots come to our aid! Seamlessly improving the efficiency of process tasks, cobots are the perfect workplace aids for humans to annihilate accuracy-based errors and save time and costs.

Outpacing the traditional robotics

At Procal, we’re at the forefront of the rapidly evolving world of advanced robotics, where innovation is shaping the future of industries across the globe. In 2020, the global robotics market contributed to an impressive USD 27.73 billion, and with estimates predicting a CAGR of 17.45% between 2021 and 2026, reaching a staggering USD 74.1 billion, it’s no wonder that executives and operations managers are taking notice. From healthcare to retail, and from technology to services, advanced robotics is set to revolutionize the way we do business. A recent survey conducted by BCG on 1,314 global companies underscores the potential impact of advanced robotics across a wide range of sectors, including automotive, consumer goods, energy, and more. Trust Procal to stay ahead of the curve and lead the charge in the exciting world of advanced robotics. 

Advanced Robotics Capabilities

At Procal, we're on the cutting edge of the technological revolution, where robots and humans work in perfect harmony to make the impossible possible. Robotics, once a nascent discipline, has evolved into a driving force for innovation, powered by technology advancements. From giant robots to nanobots, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible and shaping the future of human life. Our expertise in AR glasses, from heads-up displays to smart glasses, includes some of the most exciting models on the market today, such as Oculus Quest, Microsoft HoloLens 2, and Snap Spectacles. Embrace the future with Procal at the forefront of the robotic revolution..

Medical and Healthcare

From fast-pacing the healing to enabling critical surgeries, advanced robotics empower medical care providers to offer data-driven and more comprehensive patient care. Procal experts trust that the state-of-art innovations in healthcare robotics, such as minimally invasive procedures, nursing robots, exoskeletons, and robotic companions, to the next-gen microbots, medical robots boost patient mobility, reduce recovery time and alleviate stress and staffing shortages in the healthcare industry. 


With retail emerging into one of the most competitive business landscapes, advanced robotics offers a robotic helping hand to retailers to overhaul customer experience, boost efficiency, and level up the business. Retail robots solve crucial challenges in the industry, including data analytics, human errors, inventory management, supply chain issues, and brand compliance.

Supply Chain

Advanced robotics amplifies the efficacy of supply chain processes by offering fool-proof solutions to enhance human productivity, alleviating the risk of worker injury, and speeding up warehousing and manufacturing operations. At Procal, we constantly innovate AI-driven advanced robotic solutions that eliminate the complexity of intertwined supply chain processes.


As digitalization unfolds the dimensions of the automotive industry, the trends in advanced robotics, such as robotic collaboration, machine vision, and Additive Manufacturing, are proven solutions to the automotive manufacturing challenges. By leveraging robotics at each step of automotive design – sample manufacturing, product inspection, and validation, manufacturers can produce higher-quality products and market them faster.

Food Industry

It is no surprise that food is one of the industries that receive heat due to population growth. Fortunately, advanced robotics has a treasure of solutions to solve the food industry challenges. Both businesses and consumers can benefit from implementing advanced robotics in agriculture, food manufacturing, packaging, delivery, and cookery.


Creating the building blocks of futuristic innovations, nanotechnology drives revolutionary advancements in diverse industries ranging from medicine, military, manufacturing, metallurgy, and more. Procal comprises enthusiasts who want to create disruptive nanotechnology solutions that drive spacecraft, AI, manufacturing, quantum computing, and healthcare using nanotechnology.

Military and public safety

As widely comprehended, challenging tasks such as disaster response, surveillance, and support operations in the battlefield and sensitive areas are simpler and more efficacious, thanks to the advancements in robotics. However, we are only at the dawn of robotic implementation in these domains. Procal has unparalleled capabilities to assist in the design, development, support, and maintenance of robotic-driven military and public safety applications.


Robotics is capable of forging ahead the learning experience of students. From offering real-time learning experiences to students unable to attend schools to transporting learners to a simulated world that triggers their comprehension and curiosity, robotics-driven EdTech is the future of learning. Our team at Procal envisions a future where every student learns the concepts through AI-driven real-time learning experiences. 


Often perceived as a labor-intensive and cost and time-demanding industry, construction is destined to benefit from the novel techniques, thanks to advanced robotics. Procal foresees a future in the construction industry with an accelerated pace of construction, efficient sites, safer work environments, and less cumbersome and cost-effective construction techniques.


Hello, immersive experiences! Live concerts, robotic stunt doubles, filming, camera, sound, and rigging are all set to offer unprecedented entertainment experiences to the audience. At Procal, our research focuses on designing bespoke robotic entertainment solutions that simplify complex and otherwise high-risk shootings.

Smart Cities

Get ready to experience a brilliant way of living in robotics-driven cities. Advanced robotics elevates the living experience through robot-driven kitchens, fitness stations, assisted healthcare, and intelligent transport solutions. Procal believes in the unexplored potential for smart city building through advanced robotics.


Deploy them in any form – chatbots, room delivery services, housekeeping, intelligent voice assistants -service robots can transform the guest experience in hospitality. Procal provides software to design robots for the hospitality industry and AI-backed innovative solutions to reshape hospitality in the years to come.