Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 BC for Distribution

In an environment of global competition, increasing item and channel complexity, and tight margins, small and midsized wholesale distribution organizations need an integrated business management solution that can provide specific inventory and warehouse management tools in addition to core financial management and sales applications. The right technology can bring together comprehensive organizational information, automate manual tasks, connect processes and workflows, enable fact-based inventory management, and provide managers with clear visibility into business performance, margins, profitability, and opportunities for improvement.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central are integrated business management solutions designed specifically for small and midsized wholesale distribution companies to help them streamline warehouse operations, increase productivity, improve inventory management, control margins, and achieve a low total cost of ownership. Integration of warehouse and inventory management functionality with financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management, and other business processes helps ensure efficient communication and collaboration throughout the organization and with trade partners. The solution’s flexible, modular structure enables the addition of new or custom functionality over time to match the growth and evolution of the business. In the highly competitive and increasingly complex world of wholesale distribution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central can deliver a solution for efficient workflows, fast order cycle times, optimized productivity, and increased customer satisfaction.

Current Challenges Wholesale Distributors face

Wholesale distributors occupy a middle position in the supply chain between manufacturers and secondary distributors or retailers for a wide range of durable and non-durable goods, industrial goods, and consumer products. This positioning presents unique challenges to profitability. In today’s competitive global marketplace—where supply networks are becoming increasingly complex and customers demand more choices, faster fulfilment, and lower prices—wholesale distributors often find themselves squeezed from both sides.

Increasingly, satisfying diverse customers means providing custom products and packaging. A growing number of items and SKUs (stock keeping units) can add complexity and cost to inventory management. At the same time, global competition means that retailers can, and do, demand faster service, lower prices, and compliance with requirements such as radio frequency identification (RFID). Finally, companies of all sizes conduct business across international borders, which adds the complexity of dealing with multiple currencies, languages, market expectations, and regulatory requirements. As a result, many wholesale distributors struggle to meet customer needs while still turning a profit.

To survive and thrive in this pressured supply chain position, a wholesale distribution company needs to control already tight margins by increasing efficiency and eliminating waste. Yet many distributors find themselves hindered by manual or disconnected processes, information delays, excess inventory, and purchasing information that’s locked in the minds of individual employees. The good news is that technology can help by integrating processes, streamlining information flows, and providing easy access to the information required for confident decision-making and operational improvement.

Optimize Efficiency and Profitability with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and D365 BC

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers integrated functionality to support all your order entry, inventory, warehouse operation, fulfillment, shipping, and financial management needs so you can get goods to customers quickly and profitably. Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central offers wholesale distributors the ability to automate manual procedures, improve replenishment decisions, process orders quickly, improve fill rates and customer satisfaction, access quick feedback on business performance, and get strong returns on inventory investment. Key solution areas include:

  • Supply chain management (including procurement, warehouse management, and distribution)Customer relationship management
  • Financial management
  • Manufacturing

Built on Microsoft technology, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central works smoothly with many other Microsoft programs and technologies, enabling employees to work productively and gain insight for informed decisions. Easy to implement, learn, and customize, a Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution can help you connect people, processes, and information throughout your business to:

  •   Empower your workforce to save time, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.
  •   Increase productivity by eliminating manual processes, streamlining warehouse  operations, and enabling fast, accurate fulfillment and invoicing.
  •   Take control of items and inventory to reduce inventory costs.
  •   Gain insight into your most profitable products, business performance, and  opportunities.
  •   Achieve a fast return on investment and a low total cost of ownership.

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